Honey for grocery shopping

Get Venmo'd up to $25 per trip

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How does it work?


Take a picture. On the way out of the store, take a picture of your receipt. Size doesn't matter.


Text the picture. It's that simple. While you wait for us to respond, text your mom back or something.


Get rewarded. Whether it's cash back, exclusive offers on recommended products or something else cool, get rewarded for minimal effort.

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What's in it for me?

ColdΒ πŸ‘Hard πŸ‘ Cash

Unlike other rewards programs, we ditch the gift cards and discount codes for cash. We maximize your cash back opportunities.

Let's just be clear - don't expect a stimulus package in your venmo.

Try πŸ”₯ new products

Think of us kinda like the match.com for your taste buds. Groceryshoppersmeet.com?
Leveraging our proprietary Tastebud Technology, we recommend new products that you'll love - guaranteed.

Oh! There's more...🀭

There's three things in life that are certain: death, taxes and we have some of the CRAZIEST features coming soon.

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